Garden Water Saving Tips


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Having a well tended garden is important for the health of your plants. Regular lawn mowing, pruning, irrigation and the use of fertilizer will be needed. If you are properly informed about how to maintain your lawn or garden, then you will be able to save resources.

With permanent water restrictions in place across many cities in Australia, saving water has become an important part of life. And believe it or not, you don’t need to make extreme changes to save garden water. Just by adding a few changes to your lifestyle and watering routine, you’ll be set. 

Use recycled water

This one a simple and extremely easy step to take. Just by giving the water a second use, you will be doing wonders for the environment. For example, put a bucket on the shower before turning it on. That way, while the water is warming up, you will be able to collect it.

When collecting grey water from the shower, make sure that the soap that you’re using doesn’t have chemicals that can harm your plants. To avoid this, you can purchase biodegradable soap, which is safe for your vegetation.

Use other tools instead of water

Commonly, we try to always clean some outdoor spaces by using water. But most of the time, this cleaning task can be accomplished using other means. You can clean your driveway or pathway simply with a broom. A rake or an outdoor blower can do the job too.

Always think if there’s another option for the cleaning besides using the hose. If you feel that using water is necessary, then use recycled water. 

Understand your garden water needs

A professional in garden services can give you further advice on this, but commonly you need to water your garden one day per week. Just keep in mind that some plants require more irrigation than others. That’s why you should always research the requirements of your plants before purchasing them.

Here are some more points to consider when watering your garden:

  • Water your garden early in the morning or in the afternoon after 4 p.m. This way you will avoid evaporation and water will seep into the soil.
  • Water near the roots. Remember that the roots are what absorb the nutrients.
  • Try to water long and deep instead of giving a small amount of water more frequently.

Choose your plants wisely

Having plants that require less maintenance is always a smart option. Native plants are adapted to the local rainfall pattern, and frequent watering will often not be needed.

Another good option is choosing drought-resistant plants, and you can fill your garden up with as many of them as you like. One characteristic of this type of plant is that it stores water inside them. Cacti are a good example of this, as they can go for a considerable amount of time without being watered.

Use rain to your advantage

When winter starts, try to use it to your advantage. Check the weather forecast to check if watering your plants will be really needed. That way you can avoid wasting precious water because rain will do the job for you. 

Rainwater harvesting is also important. You can put some barrels out in your yard and store the water there. That way you will have fresh water available for watering your plants, cleaning the driveway or pathway, etc. 

Purchase water-saving equipment

Buying this type of equipment will save tons of liters of water. It is very common for water to be wasted when using hoses, because people often let the water run without paying much attention to it.

Water-saving nozzles come in handy as you need to press the trigger to start the water flow, making wasting water extremely difficult.

Consider a smart irrigation control

This is a tool that works with the national weather data. It will automatically adjust the frequency of irrigation in your garden.   

This can be a more expensive option than others. But if you have the money, don’t hesitate to invest in this amazing irrigation system.

Final advice:

We know that having a lawn will always require watering, especially during hot weather. An easy way to avoid your grass getting dry is to request your lawn be kept slightly longer than normal when using a mowing service. That way your grass will be a little taller than usual, allowing more space to store water.

Letting your glass grow wild isn't necessary, but just cut it a little longer than normal. With this little tip, you can prevent your grass from drying out.