10 Amazing Ideas for Outdoor Kids’ Parties

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 Hosting a successful kids’ parties isn’t an easy task. You may always feel like you’re on your toes to please every child and to give your child a memorable experience. Thankfully, there are lots of great outside party ideas you can use to ensure your child and their friends have a great time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your house getting messy and anything getting broken. 

Check out our list of 10 outdoor party ideas to try with your kids this year.

  1. Visit the local park
    This is an easy option that’s guaranteed great results. Your local park will have plenty of space for children to run and play, and it may also have additional facilities you can make the most. These facilities may include picnic tables, barbecues and playgrounds. And the great thing is you can use them all for free.

  2. Go for a hike
    If your kids are active and love to explore the great outdoors, a hike can be a great way to have a party on the move. This is a great way for kids to use up lots of energy, while getting to enjoy and appreciate nature. You can then have a small party when you reach the end of your hike, or you could even camp overnight for a special experience.

  3. Take it to the pool
    If the weather is heating up, a pool party is just the thing. If you have a pool in your backyard, this can be easily sorted, or you can visit your local pool. There may be a small admittance fee, but it can easily be covered. There the kids can enjoy splashing and swimming and have a great day out.

  4. Going to the beach
    An alternative to a pool party is a beach party. There are lots of great beaches in Australia with nearby free facilities like picnic tables and barbeques. The kids can spend time splashing in the surf or can get creative and build sandcastles. There are also lots of great games you can play on the sand, like beach volleyball and beach cricket.

  5. Hold asporting competition at the local sports field
    If your child loves a favorite sport, you can throw a party that celebrates this love. Visit your local sports field and see if you can the area. There may be a small hiring fee or rules about what you can do though. Alternatively, you can hold your sporting competition in the backyard or at the local park.

    Children can play a specific sport, like soccer or rugby. Or you can set up a range of fun and silly activities, like sack and egg and spoon races.

  6. Go go-karting
    Let your child enjoy some speed by taking them and their friends go-karting. They often have deals for children’s parties and may offer additional services to make your child’s day extra special.

  7. Try a horse trail ride
    If your child is horse-mad, they’ll love getting to go on a trail ride for their birthday. It’s a new and unique experience for many children and is great for kids that love animals and getting outdoors. These rides can be expensive, so take the time to do your research to find a ride that will get you the best experience for your money.

  8. Visit a local children’s farm
    Another way to have a party where children can interact with animals is to take them to a local children’s farm. There they can interact with all types of farm animals and learn some new skills. They can also learn about how their food gets from the farm to their plate. You can also all get a chance to try some fresh farm products and enjoy the great fresh taste.

  9. Spend the day at an amusement park
    A day at an amusement park is an expensive option, but it’s certainly a day no kid will forget. There are lots of fun rides to enjoy. You can also save money by using deals to buy tickets and preparing and bringing your own food. And to keep kids happy when you need to wait in lines, have some simple games to play when you wait, like I Spy.

  10. Try laser skirmish
    Laser skirmish can be a way to get kids who loving gaming outdoors. Similar to paintball, kids can run around outdoors and learn hand-eye coordination at the same time. It can also teach them teamwork and sportsmanship. Read our another article on "10 Great Teen Birthday Party Ideas"

    Which of the above 10 outdoor party ideas do you think your child will love? Maybe you could even do a combination of them for an even better day out.